Toxicology study in Haemostasis

 Haemostasis is the first step of wound healing after the wound ceases to bleed due to a mechanism of Coagulation. If the process of haemostasis does not occur it might lead to an excess loss of blood which can lead to the hypovolemic shock or even death of the individual. The liquid monomer component of Methyl Methacrylate is a cytotoxic component which is associated frequently with fatal cardiorespiratory collapse in cases of Implantations of acrylic cements. And some of the cases where the usage of the NSAIDS may lead to an increased tendency of bleeding which can be considered fatal some times and thus the study of the effect of Haemostasis play a very important role in the field of Toxicology. Hence the study of the Knowledge is essential in cases of drug effects on Haemostasis.


  • Blood glucose
  • Levels of blood gases
  • Blood oxygen content

Related Conference of Toxicology study in Haemostasis

September 20-21, 2023

22nd International Conference on Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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