Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, is a comprehensive and authoritative study that deals with parent, placenta, and foetus and the continuous changes that occur in each and relation to discussing a broad range of topics, including nanoparticles and radiation, gases and solvents, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, and metals, amongst others along With a special focus on placental toxicity. Reproductive toxicity includes the effects of a toxic substance on the reproductive ability of an organism and later stages of development of the offspring and tis is as well referred to as an adverse effects of chemicals substances on sexual functioning and fertility in reproducing individuals, as well as later developmental toxicity which is noticed in the offspring. Developmental toxicity refers to the adverse effects induced during the stages of pregnancy, or as a result of parental exposure to chemicals during pregnancy or at any point in the life span of the organism during its stages of development.




  • germ cell mutagenicity
  • Alcohol, Tobacco:toxic for reproduction

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