Toxicity Testing`

Toxicology testing is also referred to as safety assessment testing, or toxicity testing, which is normally conducted to determine the level to which a substance or a chemical can deteriorate a biotic or abiotic component. It is often conducted using standard test procedures to match with governing regulation, regularly practiced in case of medicines, pesticides, and other chemical components. Toxicology is a part of the field of pre-clinical development. Stages of in vitro and in vivo research are conducted to estimate and determine the safe concentration / usable doses of the chemical that can be exposed in organisms. Toxicological tastings are progressively utilised in majority of Drug testing procedures and majorly carried out by research and Development in Pharmaceutical industry, and other biotechnology companies or to measure the impacts of a constrained exposure of a creature to a substance and developments in the same.

  • Toxicity testing in preclinical development
  • Toxicity evaluation
  • Toxicological screening methods
  • In vitro toxicity testing

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