Biomarkers are computable and quantifiable biological parameters which serve as indices for health and physiological assessment. Biomarkers mainly depend on pathologic process, genetic factors, age, gender, and environment. The major roles of biomarkers are diagnosis of a disease, severity assessment, risk assessment, prediction of drug effects and monitoring. Biochemical biomarkers are frequently used in clinical trials, where they are derived from bodily fluids that are available to the early phase researchers.

  • Proteomic biomarkers
  • Biochemical markers
  • DNA biomarkers
  • Pharmaceuticalsand nutraceuticals biomarkers
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Cancer biomarkers‎
  • Biomarkers of petroleum products and mixture toxicity
  • Pharmacogenomic biomarkers
  • Biomarkers for bipolar disorder
  • Molecular biomarkers
  • RNA biomarkers
  • Behavioral markers
  • Radiation biomarkers
  • Genomic biomarkers
  • Omics technologies in biomarkers discovery

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